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  Without a Postcard BETTER MUS' COME Better Mus’ Come is a coming of age drama set in Jamaica’s turbulent 1970s, against the backdrop of the Cold War, a national water crisis, an energy crisis, corruption, and numerous murder scandals that gave birth to the polarized violence gripping the streets of Kingston both then and now.    
  BLINDSIDED A reclusive photojournalist lives quietly in a New York penthouse, until a smooth but sadistic criminal looking for a hidden fortune enters her life.    
  CLOWN A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer.    
  CROOK A fusion of “Training Day”, “The Usual Suspects” and “Internal Affairs”, Crook is a gritty action film about cops, drug dealers, money, sex and the dangerous balance of honor and deceit, morality and corruption.    
  Dead Sleep Easy DEAD SLEEP EASY The Champ made a fatal mistake, and he’s been working for the Mexican mob ever since. Now he’s on a collision course with forces on both sides of the border as he seeks justice for a group of murdered migrants – and redemption for himself.    
  HATES HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET A young girl moves to a new town with her mother. Upon arriving, she discovers her abode is right across the street from one in which a double murder occurred. Even eerier, she winds up befriending the bloodbath's only survivor...    
  Interchange INTERCHANGE Can redemption come from an ex con, big guns, and a mysterious beautiful woman?    
  Without a Postcard METAL TORNADO Michael Edwards and his team must find a way to stop a growing vortex of churning metal before entire cities are destroyed...    
  Dark Places MY FAMILY'S SECRET Driven by the need to know more about her husband’s dark past and the secrets that led him to want to end his life, Lara goes back to the small town where he was raised. Her probe into his chilling childhood reveals a multitude of twisted personalities and a lot to be afraid of.    
  Without a Postcard SACRIFICE It's a harsh, cold world, but it's even tougher for a little girl trapped as a pawn in an underground drug ring. When drug dealer Mike tries to get his five year-old sister Angel and himself out of the dangerous heroin trade, he enlists the help of tough undercover cop John Hebron.    
  Stripped Naked STRIPPED NAKED When beautiful exotic dancer Cassie gets into yet another fight with her deadbeat boyfriend she finds herself stranded on the side of the road and witness to a drug deal gone bad. With loot in hand, Cassie tries desperately to escape the mob and leave her old lifestyle behind.    
  Smash Cut SMASH CUT An authorized homage to the films of 60s gore-meister Herschell Gordon Lewis, Smash Cut is a campy, blood-spattered satire of the filmmaking industry and the challenges of independent filmmaking.    
  Summer's Blood SUMMER'S BLOOD (SUMMER'S MOON) Taken prisoner in a demented stranger's basement, Summer's dream of finding her father has come to a bitter end and her real-life nightmare has only just begun. Bound with chains inside a box filled with dirt, Summer is the latest flower in Tom’s “Human Garden”.    
  Dark Places THE BOY SHE MET ONLINE When teenager Cami Winters falls in love, she falls hard. Unbeknownst to her single mother Tori, Cami has fallen in love with a boy named 'Jake' she's met on a social networking website. Although Cami believes Jake’s a 23 year old college student, everything he’s told her online is a lie...    
  Without a Postcard THE DAY THE DAY is an apocalyptic siege warfare film spanning 24 hrs during which a small group of survivors are pit against insurmountable odds.    
  Dark Places THE PERFECT TEACHER Beautiful and spoiled high-school student Devon Cory always gets what she wants. This time, she wants her handsome math teacher, Jim Wilkes, and when Devon sets her sights on the recent divorcee, she makes every effort to insinuate herself into all aspects of his life.    



A Documentary that exposes the seamy underbelly of the world of professional wrestling and traces one man’s personal heart-of-darkness journey from the top rope to rock bottom and back up again.  
  Without a Postcard


A Place Without A Postcard is a feature length documentary about Urban Exploration - the guerilla act of seeking out and experiencing places abandoned by civilization.  


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